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To the Dom & Beyond: Revelation Space

23 Jan 2019

SIM:TTD&B19 – The Geographer, Vanderdijk, Lt. Meijs, Yours Truly & The Mademoiselle


I never really liked inner cities, they remind me too much of the cities of my home planet that I last saw thousands of years ago. Don’t let this timespan fool you, or your perception of me, as it brought me nothing but trouble. Having failed at life and death, I then spent my first post-mortem half of ‘life’ identifying as a non-existential nihilist dabbling in some closed off digital fortress in space, and the second half as an overall stand-up citizen and quite average white, bald male in one of the old Earth simulations situated in the early 2000’s.

It was in that latter half, that I ended up being part of a collective called The Dom & Beyond. Did I tell you that I don’t like the inner city? One of the collective’s members enjoys repetition, so this is for you just to be sure. Anyway, said collective came together in Utrecht Saturday the 12th (gametime) in Utrecht’s inner city to celebrate its 1-year anniversary. I smile: seemingly at the achievement, but in actuality at this archaic unit of measurement that, to me, lost its meaning so long ago. 


Constituting a combination of Human-Xendoran-software, military-grade hardware, and full-blown AI-consciousness, this world is so advanced that even I almost forgot that that we were not, in fact, in The Colour Kitchen in Utrecht, but rather subsisting in an ancient nuclear computer posing as a binary neutron star orbiting Hades for eternity.


This works well for me, since I really don’t like inner cities.


Whether those present were mere figments of my imagination, bots, or real people, I can no longer tell you with any certainty. Coffee was good though. But none of this is of great importance because oh my Reynolds, what an ironic coincidence our meeting was.


​​The topic of discussion was nothing less than the science “fiction” book Revelation Space. I will not bother you with its details as they are all accessible to you at any time everywhere, but various members of the collective expressed their positive experiences with the characters, mindboggling concepts, and its [insert air quotes] “alternative” “explanation” of the Fermi “Paradox”. 


Oh the irony!


Anyway, the female of our collective aptly summed it up as “supersick”. Given his more annihilistic viewpoints, the avatar called Vanderdijk did provide us with some valid critique of Reynolds’ writing style, taking away some of the shine of his experience. Sure this is Reynolds’ debut, but even debuts should not withstand honest evaluation.


The collective rated the book an 8 on average (7; 7; 8,5; 9,5) and voted to read Nisi Shawl's Everfair for the next book club which will spawn on Tuesday, February 19, 19:30 at the Colour Kitchen in Utrecht. It will take place in Dutch but you may choose to activate your universal translator.


You are invited to log in next month.


Forever mine,



ADDENDUM to the Bookclub’s 1-year anniversary


After engaging in side-quests such as bowling (which somehow malfunctioned) and dinner at a Mexican restaurant that night, it would take several centuries before The Dom & Beyond would transform from a mere book club into the socio-political, galactic force for which it is more commonly known today. 


Its adherents claimed that its Rafaela-doctrine was pragmatic idealism at worst, taking into account a diverse plethora of political, legal, ethical and above all administrative approaches. Its opponents, however, decried its totalitarian character, giving people and ideas, including militaries, free reign only within the confounds of its framework, or ‘ideology’. 


The Mademoiselle (the aforementioned female and soon to be leader of the group’s military wing after an attempted coup by The Geographer and Merlf), as has been well-documented, did not bother with such distinctions and smothered every sign of incoherence in the bud. This would be her MO until the Second Coming of Tom.


Indeed, many have lamented The Dom & Beyond’s impact on humanity. 


Few, however, dared challenge its effectiveness: it was to play a deciding role in the Third Saturn War under the command of General Meijs after the longest reefersleep ever recorded, and no major wars among humans have since been fought between those within its sphere of influence – no small feat given the many genocides and xenocides of the early 4000’s.


Wil je er de volgende keer bij zijn? Lees dan Everfair van Nisi Shawl en stap 19 februari om 19.30 uur The Colour Kitchen binnen.



To the Dom & Beyond!




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